5,667 Miles


With the days counting down, the anxiety grows. And the excitement. And the nerves. It’s all so overwhelming! Today, I met with my good friend Elise for some yummy Brazilian coffee and treats. She is a Brazilian at heart and will be returning back to that dream land very soon! Before she goes to Brazil, she it going to be venturing to Italy for a couple months, then to Africa, then to Ecuador, and THEN to Brazil. Quite a flight path, eh? This girl is so full of joy and faith that it is seriously contagious. Her amazing adventure plan is centered around one thing: Jesus. She is going to all of these places spreading God’s love and helping others for the fun of it. Insane, right? This girl is such an encouragement and has helped me more than she could ever imagine.

Wanna hear something more insane? She’s going to be staying in Ghana. For 7 months. While I’m there. God is good! He is bringing a friend to me in a country that I know nobody. How amazing?

Well, while we were sitting in this Brazilian Bakery (delicious by the way, you should totally check it out), reality slapped me in the face that the next time I am going to see her will be in Africa. Freaking Africa, dude! Nuts. Seriously, we looked it up and we will be over 5,667 miles away from where were to where we’re going to see each other next. I’m still shocked.


What a number. EEKKKK. This is happening. I only have a few things now keeping me from hopping on the next flight over. Every day is a constant reminder of how this is all God’s plan for me. What a humbling experience.

Stay tuned for more on the crazy road to….GHANA

With Love, Lauren


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