Catch Up


So it has been quite a while since I’ve posted something and it’s about time I catch things up. First, I would just like to inform all of you that I have exactly three weeks left in America. Three. Weeks. HECK YES! I will be taking off on the evening of August 4th with my Dad. We will be landing in Accra the next day after a long overnight flight. Thank goodness I like flying! And thank goodness my Dad is coming with me. I’m not sure if I am quite yet ready to handle a connecting flight by myself yet. Oh well, everything’s a learning experience, right?

Anyways, update time. So I have received my student visa for the year and it is actually valid for two years. It is a multiple entry visa which means I can come in and out as much as I need for two years. Opens up a lot of opportunities, huh? The process to getting the visa was incredibly easy. I thought that it would be very difficult but I guess what they say about US Passports is right. You can get anywhere with that thing. Pretty nifty I suppose. The only downer was the cost. They are not cheap, especially when you expedite it. I got mine back in like 8 days after I sent it off so that was wonderful and fast. I have absolutely no complaints about that process. Getting it back in the mail was probably one of the biggest reliefs I have ever experienced. I still do not have a flight ticket home yet so I was very worried that they were going to reject my request. But they didn’t! Praise the Lord. So that is done. One more thing checked off.

Also, I just came back from a week long beach trip with my family. It had its ups and downs…like every trip of course. It was hard because I wasn’t able to bring a friend like all my other siblings so I didn’t quite have anyone to hang out with. That got kind of old after the first couple days. I ‘celebrated’ my birthday while I was there. Very casual. Which I really liked. I am not a big fan of celebrating my own birthday…too many awkward moments. There was a freakin awesome fireworks show, though and that was ballin!! While the beach was nice, and I got a great tan, the whole time I was thinking about how much I really want to just be in Africa already. I am just so ready to go!

Now that I have most of the logistics prepared, I just need to complete the class registration process. At Kennesaw, I have to take 12 hours to be a full time student…at Cape Cost, I have to take 15 hours. I didn’t know this so now I have to get more courses approved by departments here which is a total pain. I am taking a lot of sociology and geography classes while I’m there which I think is going to be a lot of fun! And very interesting. Gahh I just want to be there now!!

I cannot wait for this chapter to begin!

Keep Dreaming,




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