Today I don’t have any updates about how my trip progress is going…instead I want to share a few things that I have been exploring/learning.

Have you ever thought about what obedience really is? Truly? How is is different from submission? What does it reflect? What…who…how…why should we obey?

Obedience is something we are taught as kids since we were little kids. But now that I am older and I am growing more on my own and leaving my parents….who am I supposed to obey? My boss? My professors? Obey seems like a strong word when listening to that kind of authority. Is it just me?

Something that I have been learning and searching for is the act of obeying The Lord. With all of this coming up in the next year, I literally have nothing to depend on except for God. That’s a pretty scary thought. With all this dependance, there are a few things that I have to learn. Obedience. Faith. Trust. Love. All of them go hand in hand.

Deuteronomy 27:10 says, “Obey the LORD your God and follow his commands and decrees that I give you today.” There it is. Straight forward and to the point. How hard can it be?

Well, when you have lived a life depending on others or yourself, the hardest lesson to learn is obedience and dependance on The Lord.

I have been struggling so much with this concept. I seriously don’t think I have ever trusted God with so much in my entire life. And I don’t think it could’ve paid off in a better way. The road to Ghana has been long and tiring, but never have I felt so confident about a decision in my life. It is in God’s character to comfort, protect, and strengthen. Psalm 46:1-3 says, “God is our refuge and strength,an ever-present help in trouble.Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give wayand the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,though its waters roar and foamand the mountains quake with their surging.” God = refuge. God = strength. God = help. God does not give us fear, but courage. I am one-hundred percent positive that this truth is the only way that I have been able to go through with this trip.

I have been doing a study in Genesis of Abraham and I just cannot get over his ability to obey God. He trusted God with his future, his family’s future, and all of his descendants’ future. In chapter 13, he was promised a great land and as many offspring as the dust. These promises came from his obedience and faith. This story of Abraham is such a great reminder of God’s faithfulness and also such an encouragement to me for my future plans. If Abraham could pack up and move his entire tribe multiple times because God told him, I can spend a year doing whatever He leads me to do.

With Love,



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