Hey. You. Yeah…you. GUESS WHAT? I am leaving for Africa, TODAY!

Heck yes. It’s about that time. The day that I have been preparing for since December is finally here! My dad and I are to take off in about 4 hours. Let me say that again…in FOUR hours I will be in the plane. Leaving.

This week has been filled with exciting goodbyes. I say exciting because on the other side of the goodbye, is a brand new life and adventure waiting on the other side. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I absolutely hate goodbyes. Actually let me rephrase that…I loathe them. Whenever it comes to send someone off, I always say the same thing: “see ya later!” Every time without fail. But woah…it is going to be way way later than I can really fathom. Of course it is in a super great way though. I can only imagine how great this time is going to be.

You wanna know what’s really strange though? I am not nervous, scared, or worried about anything. Not one single thing. I haven’t even cried one single time. God has showed over and over again that He’s got this and who am I to question? I thank Him enough for giving me such a spirit of confidence and courage and fearlessness. So encouraging.

Well, I should probably go finish packing. I will definitely keep posting updates here as I go. Don’t forget to check out the pictures tab! I’m sure they’ll be pretty great.

Keep me in your prayers!



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