Ordinary Thursday…


Today things have pretty uneventful to say the least. I took a very long walk this morning after breakfast and explored more of the campus. I could get lost really easily here if I’m not careful. There is another thing I realized today this time it was about me, not the people. I have got to become more humble. There have been a lot of people that have tried to make a big effort to just say hey to me. At first, I was like alright! This must be what celebrities feel like. Seriously, it has been kind of crazy. I met one guy named John who works on campus and he believed fate took him down the road he was walking on so that he could meet me. Quite the flattery, but come on. He then proceeded to tell me about how much I should trust him and asked me where I lived and my room number. Mom, I did NOT tell him, don’t worry. Even though he seemed creepy, he might have had good intentions. So I’m not gonna intentionally avoid him. And that is not the first time a guy has approached me here.
Anyways, my point, I have GOT to stop letting all this flattery get to my head! Attention is going to follow me while I’m here, I know that, but I just have to think of it differently. At first, I really liked it, honestly. It made me feel special, in a way. But now I just have to appreciate it in a different way. God has given me the opportunity to be here for reasons I am still not sure of, but it is not for the filling up of my confidence or my head. Hopefully I’ll be able to get past the boastfulness but still be able appreciate it.


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