Town and such


Hey. Guess what. Finally went into town! Instead is trekking around the campus we went to venture out. Dude. It was NUTZ. I finally got moved into the residence hall after staying in the chalet for a week. I was the first one in there so kinda strange. But my roommate, Lena, came in not too much longer. She is from Germany and she is super nice! I can already see us going on a lot of adventures together!

First adventure: go to the market.

It was so overwhelming I barely bought anything! There were so many stands and so many specialties I had no idea what I should buy. So for this time, I just took in the scenery. I absolutely loved it! The people are all super nice and the children running around make my heart smile so much! God had filed these people with so much joy and it shines through their gorgeous smiles.

But you would not BELIEVE how many goats I’ve seen!! I want one so bad!

Oh! I forgot to write about my adventures at coconut grove! So staying in the same chalets as me, there was a group of people volunteering with AFS and so they were hanging around the complex a lot. On Wednesday night, I met onetime and he was so stinking hilarious. His name is Roger and he lives in Ghana but a different region than Cape Coast. He came by a couple of nights and kept asking me if I would go with him and his team to a resort about 20 minutes outside of campus. At this time, I still have yet to explore outside of campus…so I said no. But since he was leaving on Sunday I told him that maybe on Saturday I would go with him. I prayed about it and asked God to please protect me and give me a spirit of peace. So when Saturday came I was honestly stoked to go. Still one downside, I literally only know one person going. That still made me suppah nervous. The time came for us to go and Roger came to the door and I saw a truck already full of people and I looked at him…then the car…then back to him. I thought he was nuts thinking we could all fit in there. So I got in the car and he was like, I’m just going in a bus and I’ll meet you there. I said ok, but I was FREAKING OUT on the inside. I did not know ONE person in that car.

Anyways. Long story short. It was an awesome night with cultural dancing and music and such. African adventure number one: success. Not saying that I’m gonna make a habit of getting into cars with strangers, but I’m just gonna be less selective of my adventure opportunities.


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