Kakum National Forest


Ok. So after you finish reading this post, you are probably all gonna be pretty mad at me. Cuz I didn’t take any pictures of this place.

But it I called Kakum National Forest. It was about 45 minutes north east from campus. And completely in the middle of the jungle. So this forest is AWESOME. Here in the south of Ghana, it is technically still their rainy season but this day is the only day that it has rained since I’ve been here. Of course, on the day we’re going hiking and such. So the hike was a rocky walkway that was very slippery from the rain. It was a short, but kind of steep, hike that we had to take to the canopy walk. Yup. You read correctly. Canopy walk. In the jungle. Of Ghana. In Africa. BALLIN.

After the hike we got to the platform that started the canopy walk. Not too nervous. Just a little jittery. I take the first step onto the walkway (which is basically a series of ladders suspended and laid flat with planks on top). Still pretty calm…but then it starts shaking and I lose it. I start laughing uncontrollably!! The laughing makes my eyes water and my balance basically non existent. Freakin hilarious. I was walking so slow but my friends were encouraging me to walk faster. There were about five series of walkways with little stops between them. Seriously. The views from this walkway were NUTZ. Even though my nervous laughter made it a little bit difficult to walk, I still enjoyed it very much and I’m TOTALLY going back. No doubt. It was awesome. Hopefully the other international students will post pictures so I can repost them!


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