So, this is it. Just kinda doing this blog so I can spill
the deets of my trips and what’s going before, during, and after my adventures.

To start this off, I just want to explain what I’m doing: I’m going to Africa.

This may come as a surprise to some, but to people who truly know me,
this is not that much of a shocker. Africa is calling my name. And now
I’m responding. As of today, in exactly 59 days, I will be on a plain
heading to the West Coast of Africa. To Ghana. 59 DAYS! Oh, and I’m
going to be there for 10 months.

Some ask why. Why Africa? Why Ghana? Why now? Why 10 months? Why you?

It is very hard to put a definite answer to these questions. For months, I have been praying and searching for the answers.

Sure, a lot of people with a mission calling say, “My heart is in
Africa,” or something along those lines. But that is not it. My heart is
everywhere. I want to literally go everywhere. Africa is where God has
called me first. And what a place to go!!

So…that is the basic basic basic version. I will explain more as time goes on. For now, I’m going to try and figure out this blog thing.

Satellite image of Africa, showing the ecologi...

Satellite image of Africa, showing the ecological break that defines the sub-Saharan area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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